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2 x D.I.D Chain, 428 Pitch, Gold & Gold - 56 Link
1 x Kartech 'Quick Change' Rear Sprockets
1 x Spark Plug NGK
1 x Arrow AX9 Rookie/ Midget
1 x Kosmic Mercury Go Kart
1 x Monaco GP 6 125
1 x Comer W80 Kart Engine
1 x Leopard Parilla X30 125 Kart Engine
1 x Leopard Parilla RL 125
1 x Rotax Max 125 Kart Engine
1 x Yamaha 100 S Kart engine
1 x Yamaha J 100 Kart Engine
1 x Alfano "Pro+" Steering Wheel, Red or Black
1 x D.I.D Chain, "DHA" High Spec. Gold & Gold - 96 Link
1 x D.I.D Chain, Standard Gold & Gold - 94 Link
1 x Douglas Magnesium Bearing Front Wheel "Vented" 130mm
1 x Douglas Magnesium Front Hub & M/R Rear "Vented" 140mm
1 x Douglas Magnesium Front Wheel "Solid" 130mm
1 x Douglas Magnesium Front Wheel "Vented" 130mm
1 x Douglas Magnesium Rear Wheel "Solid" 210mm
1 x Douglas Magnesium Rear Wheel "Vented" 210mm
1 x A Sniper V2 Fits Spindle Sizes 16 - 35mm
1 x Alfano "Astro" Timing System Data Logger
1 x Alfano "Pro+" Battery Voltage Sensor
1 x Alfano "Pro+" Down Load Pen
1 x Alfano "Pro+" Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor K Type
1 x Alfano "Pro+" G-Force Sensor inc, Bracket
1 x Alfano "Pro+" Infrared Receiver
1 x Alfano "Pro+" Infrared Receiver Cable 130cm
1 x Alfano "Pro+" K Double Adaptor- 2 Sensors/1 Connection

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Alfano "Pro+" K Sensor Extension Cable 115cm  $35.00